Why do consumers prefer brands that offer omnichannel experiences?

Feb 18, 2020, 474 views

With the continuous advancement of technologies, the ability to offer a pleasant experience on all channels, from the initial order to the delivery process, is essential for retailers.

Even though it is an important strategy, some companies still do not adopt the necessary tools to provide this exchange with the customer. According to a recent Customer Engagement survey conducted by enVista, 95% of retailers plan to have a single commerce platform implemented in three years.

“Retailers are focused on unifying commerce to generate profitability, customer service and competitive advantage; however, it is easier said than done. Successful unified commerce implementations require a platform with a common data model that provides a single corporate version of customer data, key item attributes, inventory, order and fill allocation, pricing and payments, ”says Jim Barnes , The enVista CEO.

Given this, based on an analysis of the journey of customers, retailers and where they should prioritize their efforts and investments, the study highlighted four points that make consumer involvement with brands enjoyable. See what they are:

Today, personalization is more than marketing for the different customer segments. Personalization shows attention and appreciation to customers - with it you can think of details that make the shopping experience of your target audience uniquely, meeting their needs.

72% indicate that personalized service in a store is important for sales;

Only 34% indicate that identifying / personalizing the customer experience is a priority for 2020.

The ability to offer a unified and synchronized experience is an extremely important factor for customers and a big bet for retailers. Companies need to be able to identify what the customer wants, gather information and analyze products, prices and inventories disclosed, so that consumers can have confidence in all channels.

65% indicate that the ability to buy anywhere is an important factor when choosing stores;

21% have successfully implemented a single trading platform to enable unification.

Mobile devices and the advancement of the internet have become ubiquitous in consumers' lives, radically changing the way they shop. Offering customers the ability to manage their own shopping experience through mobile services is a big bet for success. An alternative is to use these technologies to provide more self-service options, for example.

66% prefer to choose a retailer if it offers promotions on mobile services;

51% successfully offer mobile promotions to their customers.

Futurization is a process of "rebirth" with innovation strategies, ideological and economic thoughts in companies. Nowadays, to transform a store it is important to value personalized services, taking advantage of the information synchronization capabilities in all channels to cover both physical and digital environments. In other words, investing in omnichannel can be the solution for customer expectations to be successfully achieved.

54% are likely to choose a retailer that offers omnichannel experiences;

21% successfully offer omnichannel experiences

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