Virtual reality changing customer experience

Aug 30, 2019, 108 views

Thinking of the new consumer, who seeks interactivity and connectivity, the traditional model of car dealerships are losing ground. It was from this idea that Volkswagen developed a new concept with the creation of the digital dealer (watch below the video).

The DDX (Digital Dealer Experience) is comprised of a 55-inch monitor, computer system and virtual reality glasses. Connected to the factory's integrated system, the dealer at the dealership can show all of the manufacturer's products only with the platform.

The new model, launched at the Motor Show in 2018, begins to be implemented at the Volkswagen dealerships in the country as of this month. According to the executive manager of scanning and new business models of the company in South America, Fabio Rabelo, more than 100 applications for the installation of the project were made.

The cost for the deployment of the DDX with all equipment and accessories is $ 30 thousand, according to Fabio. The project will also be replicated in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay in the first half of this year. According to the executive manager, the new model will allow the existence of leaner concessionaires, with 90 square meters, and better located in urban centers.

What changes?
Portability, personalized use and service optimization are the benefits that the manager indicates in the customer service with the use of the digital concessionaire.

"The idea is not to end what the partner has already built. We want to add value and bring novelty. Our challenge is to bring solutions that further enhance the customer experience, whether it's buying your car or your relationship with the product on a daily basis, "says Fabio Rabelo.

With the use of the tablet, for example, the system can be taken to the client's home. Through Virtual Reality goggles, customers can "enter" into every vehicle in the VW portfolio. In addition to the experience in virtual reality, the payment system in the concessionaire will also be digitized.

According to the executive manager, the new model will go into operation until June 2019 with almost complete elimination of the use of paper in the act of buying the car.

New assistant
Volkswagen's new "My VW" digital platform brings the cognitive manual, a virtual assistant for immediate consultation of the owner of a branded vehicle. The "VW Connect" application provides mileage information for the vehicle, range, average speed, routes traveled, date of travel and fuel consumption of each route.

In addition, it monitors driving style in relation to engine revs, vigor in accelerations, braking, speed and temperature of the vehicle to make life easier for the consumer. Initially available in Brazil, the system is expected to arrive in Argentina in May and in other Latin American countries in the second half.

If the wizard does not find information to answer the user question, it will refer you to the Customer Relationship Center (CRC). The Cognitive Handbook has already performed approximately 110 thousand interactions and speaks Portuguese and Spanish, with 13 thousand questions registered in its database and elaborated according to information obtained by the call center of Volkswagen.

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