Trends to bet on retail in 2020

Feb 11, 2020, 526 views

In the current promising scenario, in order to achieve the expected growth expected, it is important that the sector is attentive to innovations in the area and adapts to new realities.

Same day deliveries
When it comes to online shopping, it seems that customer expectations for shipping times are getting faster and faster. First came delivery in 2 days, then the next day. But in the age of instantaneous, buyers want their orders as quickly as possible, right here and now.

Artificial intelligence
Within the operating logic of the execution, mix, product layout and share are essential aspects of retail. In general, share measurement is done manually by sales promoters. This process can take hours from salespeople, taking up time that could be used in other activities.

Image recognition solutions, for example, photograph the gondola and from the images recognize the items and generate intelligent information. The solution allows the creation of smart shelves.

On the list of AI, there are also smart mirrors for fashion retail, which promise to be a differentiator for the personalized customer experience in 2020.

There is no use running away, omnichannel was and will continue to be a trend in 2020 and for the next few years, because the strategy allows the retailer to combine techniques between its various communication channels with the customer, whether physical or digital, and this is currently essential to promote closer and more satisfying consumer experiences.

Product customization
Unique products are a classic symbol of luxury: having something that no one else in the world has. E-commerce stores are offering options to personalize your purchase, from monograms and embroidery to exclusive color schemes. Customization allows buyers to purchase a product specifically tailored to their needs and style.

Full experience - design in e-commerce
Your virtual store is your showcase. Certainly, you have come across this phrase on some site with tips, this is because the statement is the purest reality, especially in a context where mobile first and mobile only have been increasingly praised by commerce and used by consumers.

E-commerce is the new shopping center, and just like in the physical environment, the idea of ​​providing a complete experience for the consumer gains more and more strength in the virtual retail. For this reason, the adoption of virtual and augmented reality tools is a trend for 2020. With them, a customer is able to preview and test the product before buying it.

Some people already call this “visual commerce”, including 360º videos, 2D and 3D configurations, as well as visual search on the web (searching from an image, instead of a word).

Process automation
To make the shopper experience more and more complete, a strong trend for large retailers in 2020 is to invest in process automation. With technologies like this it is possible to save resources, because an artificial intelligence or some type of robot can operate the activities.

The company, which serves customers like Unilever, Rappi and iFood, has two products: one for bank validation, which automatically checks whether the account belongs to a real person and can prevent fraud; and the payment automation service, which allows a brand or retailer to make payments to several suppliers, automatically, without having to pay transfer fees between banks.

Blockchain for more security
Following the line of bringing more security to customers, retailers that deal with financial transactions should invest in technology to prevent fraud and get ahead of the competition.

Blockchain is one of the technologies that can be used to create immutable records of information, adding security and protection to customer data.

With blockchain it is possible to track an operation and identify problems, if they occur, in a very secure way.

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