How to Adapt your Business to the Omnichannel Strategy

Oct 01, 2019, 2037 views

Omnichannel is a mixture of Latin and English meaning "all channels". By translating this into the concept of the market, it means making your business or service available on all channels to which your client has access, whether physically or in the virtual world.

A particularity of this new market concept is that it is not enough to have presence in all the means available to reach your audience, it is also essential that all of them are integrated, sharing objectives and communication channels with the same purpose: value the customer's buying experience .

In 2017, Google conducted a survey analyzing consumer behavior around the world and found that half of Internet users are connected to three or more different devices, with 91% of smartphone users buying a product after viewing an ad on their mobile phone.

In addition, 50 percent of Internet users searched for product videos before they accessed a store and 78 percent spent more time searching online than in physical stores.

Optimizing your business for the use of various marketing channels can seem like a great effort, since it demands planning, professional training and constant monitoring of results, however, companies that invest in omnichannel have already been able to prove that the advantages are superior to the wear and tear and , such as benefits, can include improved customer data collection, increased profitability, integrated communication, improved customer buying experience, and reduced costs.

In order to tailor your business to the omnichannel model, you need to communicate with your customer through appropriate actions, using at least the brand site, corporate blog, social networks, email and message applications, as they are the channels that your customers use it to do research, recommend the brand to their acquaintances, and exchange experiences about how and where to buy. Inserted in these channels, its brand strengthens and has its sales volume boosted.

But do not stop there. It is also essential to always be up-to-date on the upcoming trends of virtual channels to, as soon as possible, be present with your brand in these new environments.

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