Geolocated offerings the future of retail marketing

Feb 10, 2020, 405 views

Many people have probably experienced the experience of coming home after a tiring day at work, opening the refrigerator and having nothing to eat. Suddenly, the person is browsing on the cell phone and receives an offer from a restaurant that he loves near his residence and at a discount. Is not that convenient? Because this is already a reality in the Brazilian market.

Companies are increasingly studying the behavior of their consumers in the offline world to understand their habits and offer the best shopping experience, whether in the physical or online store, in addition to keeping these customers loyal. But how does this happen? The answer is simple: geolocation data.

Nowadays, location data is collected daily in different ways to help companies offer more personalized products and consumers get only deals that really interest them, but the next question should be, and the privacy of people?

It's very simple. As soon as a person turns on their smartphone, the operating system, the carrier, the social networks, the applications, collect data about it. Having data collected is not a bad thing, as long as the consumer has consented to collecting the information, knowing what it is used for and storing it in a secure and encrypted form.

When data is used correctly they can combine privacy, convenience, and economy. In addition, there are ways to collect data and not identify individuals, but rather their consumption habits, given enough to offer customized products.

Having said that, are the geolocalized offerings really the future? Yes! A survey by Epsilon Research indicates that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with companies that deliver personalized experiences. In order to offer personalized services, it is necessary to know the behavior of the consumer, that is, the neighborhoods they frequent, the malls, restaurants and thus provide well targeted services and products.

Imagine a consumer who is landing at an airport late at night and needs to go home or hotel. At this very moment, he receives a discount offer from a shipping application. Does not that make all the difference to him? In a way, this small action makes the customer loyal to the brand.

They are actions like those described above that are leading companies to customize offers and deliver what consumers really have identification and need. The use of location data is no longer a differential but an inevitable way to survive a business today. Targeting digital marketing actions by location is a way to ensure that the target audience really knows the offerings of that company not only online but also in the physical version and thus gain customer preference.

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