AI to enhance the relationship with the brand

Mar 12, 2020, 1117 views

A futuristic reflection on the current moment of marketing actions focused on artificial intelligence invites us to look positively, from the perception that we live a period of abundance of experiences. It is almost a counterpoint between consumption and exposure, between brands that only produce and those that are really committed to reproducing the purpose in their actions.

There is no magic formula or corporate self-help book that creates an assertive vision of the future. What exists are assessments of circumstances and actions that lead brands to stand out in their markets. But, you need to be aware that anyone who is satisfied with replication is satisfied with the "success formula" and there is a big trap.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an ally to the process of transforming brands, but we must understand it in a very broad way to develop an interesting relationship with its potential in relation to actions.

Let's go to the following reflection: the technology is neutral. But we can turn it into a weapon. In the same way that radioactivity saved many lives, but it also killed them. This is the same context inserted in the use of Artificial Intelligence.

It can be a support base for innovative actions, but if it does not fulfill its role in an integral way it can become a very negative bias for brands. It is necessary to include empathy in this use, because in a process that seeks human representation, consumers expect a great understanding of their needs.

The possibilities with AI are endless. They can range from content production, content engagement curation, voice search, programmatic media to the generation of qualified leads and predictive consumer relationship analysis.

Dan Ariely, founder of The Center Of Advanced Hindsight, brings the following reflection "While many speak, many listen and some really work". And this is a very relevant provocation to the AI ​​universe.

The secret to really creating high performance is to use AI to improve the consumer experience, as it is a process that can facilitate, expand and modify different markets.

The most important thing is to know exactly what to do. There are many possibilities, but the ability of machines to learn and imitate human behavior is something that must be evaluated with a lot of criteria and strategy directed to the purposes of the brand.

A case in this regard is, without a doubt, Netflix that uses AI to understand and learn about the preferences of its consumers and the goal is always to improve the experience that is proposed.

This era of experience, together with the use of this humanized technology, opens up opportunities for quick and accurate responses and this bias is essential for ties with the brand.

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