Digital Customer Experience

Companies that do not consider conversational marketing in their strategies will become obsolete

Developing good communication with customers can shorten your sales cycle, generate an incredible customer experience an

Jan 30, 2020
Consumers don't buy from brands that go beyond data usage

Consumer Pulse 2019, a study of strategies for responsible and respectful use of user and customer data by Accenture Int

Jan 30, 2020
Investment in consumer experience continues to grow

The sum of perceptions and emotions that an audience has with a brand can be defined as the consumer experience. In fact

Jan 29, 2020
Ways to retain and delight customers

In the last decades, as the digital boom has completely transformed the world, something extraordinary has happened: in

Jan 27, 2020
How To Develop a Listening Culture

If a human insight falls in a consumer forest and nobody is listening… did it really happen? Simply put, listeni

Jan 22, 2020

Technology has come out of the world of fiction and today anticipates the needs of customers, bringing great gains t

Dec 23, 2019
7 Best Practices for Making Your Ecommerce Profitable

Due to high demand, the segment has attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs. However, you need to be aware of some

Dec 16, 2019
Increased experience, data humanization and socialized commerce are trends in 2020.

The speed of change is only increasing and consumer and market behavior is already pointing new directions for 2020. To

Dec 13, 2019
Who is ahead of the trends for 2020?

Deloitte has published a study called 2020 Global Marketing Trends on key trends that should affect the market next year

Dec 12, 2019
The future of consumption: 6 trends to keep an eye on

A survey by WGSN, the global trend analysis and forecasting consultancy, reveals that the main factor driving retail cha

Dec 10, 2019
Generations Y and Z are driving the digital future of customer experience

Nice inContact announced the findings of its study that explores the impact of generations Y and Z on customers' primari

Dec 09, 2019

In the past, the consumer relationship was almost one-sided. The only interaction between brand and consumer happened at

Dec 02, 2019
What is sustainable consumption?

Sustainable consumption is an expression often used in different media. If you search through internet search engines yo

Dec 02, 2019
What is the relationship between Soft Skills and Customer Experience?

Robots are replacing many human activities, but on second thought, do you really like being serviced by a robot? Get use

Nov 25, 2019
How does the digital consumer look like?

In the past, the consumption relationship was almost unilateral. The only interaction between brand and consumer happene

Oct 17, 2019