Instagram is the social network with better engagement

Sep 02, 2019, 177 views

Socialbakers, a global analytics and performance platform for digital marketing and social media, found in a report that marketers seeking to generate value for their business through digital marketing can find more opportunity in terms of scale and audience interaction on Facebook and in your application family than on competing platforms. With 2.27 billion active monthly users, Mark Zuckerberg's family of social networking applications is still the place where the biggest consumer interaction with the brand happens online.

However, in terms of user engagement, Instagram - another application that belongs to Facebook - has superior performance. According to the study, although Instagram has a smaller total audience compared to Facebook, users of the network for sharing photos and videos are much more active. This shows that Instagram is becoming increasingly powerful as a platform for capturing quality engagement within small, targeted communities.

Alexandra Avelar, Country Manager of Socialbakers, believes that soon the network of image sharing must overcome the partner Facebook. "Instagram is becoming the number one social media platform when it comes to brand engagement. When we look at engagement at an absolute level, Instagram has a wider reach for brands than Facebook, despite having a size of As a result, we see companies migrating their investments to Instagram, "he said.


To develop the report, Socialbakers used its social media database, extracted from more than 10 billion social media content generated by more than 17 million profiles. Socialbakers also have visibility of $ 3 billion in advertising spending on social media, which allows them to set industry benchmarks.

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