Consumers don't buy from brands that go beyond data usage

Jan 30, 2020, 171 views

Consumer Pulse 2019, a study of strategies for responsible and respectful use of user and customer data by Accenture Interactive, found that 69% of consumers would abandon brands if they found that the company used their data invasively to produce data. adverts.

The report also found that about 73% of consumers surveyed said they were willing to share personal information if brands were transparent about their use of this data. Compared to last year's study, that number grew by 5%, to 68% in 2018.

Other relevant data is that more than 71% of respondents said they have experienced situations where a brand has communicated excessively personally, giving the impression that the brand has information about your family in addition to sensitive data, without this data have been provided by consumer.

"People don't want to be recognized by a stranger on the street, and the same is true of the digital world. Brands that are thinking ahead are finding ways to behave more and more humane, without neglecting empathy and ethics." says Scott Tieman, global leader for Programmatic Services at Accenture Interactive.

Balance, always him
As much as people want brands to understand their needs (87% of consumers said it was important to buy from a brand or retailer that "understands who I really am"), 75% of consumers said they were not comfortable with collecting data held by microphone devices or voice assistants.

In addition, nearly 30% of consumers know a brand that has gone "too far" and 69% of these consumers would stop doing business or rethink their relationship with a brand for the same reason.

Glen Hartman, director of digital marketing at Accenture Interactive, has a more optimistic view. "The good news is that there is a huge opportunity for brands looking for a respectful approach to data combined with creating relevant consumer experiences while building the trust and emotional connection that consumers are looking for."

To reach the results, 'Interactive' surveyed over 8,000 consumers from countries including Germany, Canada, Spain, USA, France, Italy, UK and Sweden to understand digital ad experiences and preferences. .

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