Companies that do not consider conversational marketing in their strategies will become obsolete

Jan 30, 2020, 140 views

Developing good communication with customers can shorten your sales cycle, generate an incredible customer experience and still offer the opportunity to learn more about them. That's what conversation marketing is all about.

Focusing on strategies that consider conversational marketing can raise the bar for your company in the market. Failing to pay attention to this strategy can make an entire business obsolete.

Challenges of large companies to implement conversational marketing
Conversational marketing is very important for the development of companies. To achieve good results, it is necessary to overcome some challenges.

Integration of the Marketing team with the Technology team
When talking about communication in the virtual environment, some entrepreneurs have the idea (wrong, by the way) that they need a person available to serve the public all the time.

Technological advances and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools allow the company to communicate with its audience, relieving the marketing team and improving the consumer experience. For this, the company must invest in tools that help the entire team in this process. An example is the use of chatbots.

He is able to serve more than one person at the same time without generating any human work, without having to worry about labor issues or if the quality of work is falling.

Humanization of interactions
The use of AI tools, such as chatbots, still presents a challenge: the humanization of interactions.

Customers want to be understood, so it is necessary to customize the chatbot so that it can give the customer close and relevant contact.

How to start working with conversational marketing
A recent survey by Drift shows that the main complaints received by companies that use their strategies without taking into account conversational marketing are:

- difficulty finding simple answers (complaint by 34% of respondents);
- difficulty navigating the company's website (mentioned as a problem by 30% of respondents);
- the basic details of a business are hard to find (complaint from 25% of respondents).

Chatbots are excellent options for improving conversational marketing.

Capture new leads
On the first contact, the chatbot can ask for information about your customer, such as his name and the email he uses. The conversation continues and the bot manages to ask questions that help him solve the customer's problem.

Qualify leads
Now you know a little more about the needs of your prospective customer. This allows you to direct the lead, show him the value that the company has and how it can solve his problem. In this step it is possible to join your conversation marketing strategy with Inbound Marketing.

Direct the lead to the sales sector
The conversational marketing strategy turns the company's website pages into a friendly environment and, therefore, is responsible for bringing the customer closer to your brand.

Thus, leads that are already qualified can be passed on to the sales department, where the seller will contact you (with access to all customer information) and be able to provide a personalized and exclusive service to the consumer.

Conversational marketing trends that are likely to intensify next year
Chatbots have really gained market share and are already present on many corporate websites.

However, there are other conversational marketing trends that promise to intensify in the market.

Facebook Messenger
The first of these is Facebook Messenger, which can capture leads. The use of chatbots in this tool helps your company to respond quickly to the customer and establish your brand as an authority in the market.

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in Brazil. Some people prefer to use this tool rather than calling an establishment to verify information.

So it can be of great help to use WhatsApp Business functions wisely for your business. It is possible to program responses that answer your audience's questions as well.

Artificial intelligence processes that help in conversational marketing
Conversational marketing with the use of artificial intelligence improves some processes that can make all the difference in brand branding.

- Responsiveness
- Responding quickly to the customer makes the conversation intelligent and generates satisfaction. Consumers are more motivated to shop at your company.

Custom interactions
The customer does not want "more of the same". He needs to feel exclusive and understand that the company cares about the problem he presents. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in tools that customize the service according to the needs of each person.

Quality content and according to the public
A basic point of the human being is that he wants to be understood. Thus, it is necessary to know the public and use tools with a natural language that is able to connect with customers.

Investing in conversational marketing will help your company grow in the market and gain popularity with the public. People want more and more agility accompanied by personalized service.

Companies that do not consider conversational marketing in their strategies will become obsolete.

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