Check out tips for retailers to approach consumers

Feb 17, 2020, 459 views

Convenience, good service and agility. These three factors will be decisive for the consumer's purchase decision in the coming years. This is the conclusion of a survey by Grupo Croma with 3,000 people across the country. For retailers to approach this new consumer, they have to invest in technology. Check the checklist:

- Place new forms of payment in addition to the credit card, such as QR code and biometrics.

- The customer will have the option to pay directly on the cell phone, without going to the cashier.

- Sellers will be more purchasing consultants.

- Invest more in the integrated physical and online store experience model.

- Integrate all sales channels: app, website, phone service and WhatsApp.

Check out more details of the Croma Group study on the five success factors for retailers over the next three years below:

1 - In addition to plastic: 49% of shoppers intend to use new forms of payment a lot, eliminating the use of cards or physical money. The revolution brought about by mobility, fintechs, biometrics and companies like Google become part of the innovation agenda that will impact from self-employed entrepreneurs to large networks. As 60.4% of Brazilians will make purchases using self-service technologies, self-checkout is also inserted in this context.

2 - We serve well to always serve: convenience, time and service will influence the purchase. The role of salespeople tends to be dramatically affected and, in this sense, specialists and technicians tend to occupy strategic positions in consultative sales, including finalizing sales by mobile devices, without the need for traditional checkout.

3 - Retail and technology leaders: the omnichanel, when compared to a physical expansion, is an inexpensive way to expand business and is 100% based on experiences. Driven by the shopper's desire for independence, retailers will need to invest in channel integration, logistics and shared inventories, customization of store layouts, artificial intelligence, big data and technologies that promote better product experimentation at any point of contact.

4 - It's not just the front end: 69% of people believe that technology will make the shopping experience more comfortable and personalized. However, this premise is valid as long as there is a strategy for integrating channels and resources. Otherwise, apps, websites and other resources will be insufficient to sustain a real transformation, generating frustration, poor evaluation by pilots and waste of investments due to isolated initiatives.

5 - Shopper, shopper, shopper: 50% of the global population will be connected by 2020, which justifies the focus on understanding shopping journeys linked to technology. Brazilian retail, even today, continues to be very oriented to consumption occasions. However, there are many unexplored possibilities of activations, in the trade, for different purchase occasions. With technology it is possible to integrate the physical and digital channels to provide personalized shopping experiences. This integration will promote, contrary to what many think, cost reduction, ticket increase, customer loyalty and retention.

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