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In the past, the consumption relationship was almost unilateral. The only interaction between brand and consumer happened at the time of the sale, in the exchange of merchandise or service for money. But now that has changed.

The digital age has once and for all transformed this reality and consumers have come to have much more power. They want to be heard and taken into account in every digital strategy created by companies.

Therefore, consumer surveys have intensified every day, seeking to find ways to ensure a better understanding of the characteristics of the digital consumer and a better way to meet their needs.

In this article, you will learn a little more about 5 of the most common features found in today's consumer.


We live in a time where information is vast and easily found. Companies like Google and other search engines have made prior research the first step before the purchase decision. Recent surveys point out that about 88% of consumers conduct in-depth research on the product and company they are offering before making the final decision.

And this is very easy. Today it is possible to research prices, characteristics of products or services, what are the opinions of those who have already made their choice, complaints and everything that is relevant long before putting your hand in your pocket.


Now it is not enough to wait for the company's communication apathetically. The relationship between companies and consumers has become a real conversation, in which those who can listen most win. After all, a brand is much more than a product or service.

The new consumer wants to be part of the process, collaborating to create the ideal solution that best suits their reality. He wants to interact, make a difference in the stoning of the brand, so that more and more it comes close to what it really is. Therefore, the number of products made in a collaborative way has grown.

Producer and consumer of content
In any conversation, communication happens on both sides. And this is how the new consumer wants to be treated, as well as an interlocutor. He wants the brand to talk to him, by creating relevant content that goes well beyond simple advertising.

But he wants to speak and be heard. He wants the brand to be personified and develop a healthy dialogue, where there is no one who has more or less power. Brands that listen and allow content to be created by their own target audience, as a natural form of dissemination, are gaining in the market.


This is one of the characteristics of the digital consumer that is caused by this new form of interaction. As it now has more power and beyond being a simple listener, it also becomes a content producer for brands, it can have a great influence on other possible customers.

And this is all natural, especially on social networks, complaint sites, blogs and videos. And the influence can be either positive or negative, depending on how the brand participates in this conversation. How to do this? Improving digital marketing planning and making communication channels more open, and improving service before, during and after sales.


This is one of the characteristics of the most outstanding digital consumer. It is hyperconnected. You are almost 24 hours a day in direct contact with all the information that is played on the net. Multitela, the consumer of the present day is able to watch television while playing, chat with friends and watch videos.

All this forces the brands to leave the pattern of disclosure and makes them take risks in new forms of communication. Always focused on producing quality content and a true relationship that enables not only a purchase today, but a story that can last a lifetime.

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