5 Trends about customer experience to surprise in 2019

Apr 04, 2019, 1394 views

The customer experience is fundamental for a company to achieve good results, after all, the most valuable assets of the companies are the customers that it owns. But it was not always so.

With the process of maturation and evolution of the forms of consumption, the consumer has become more demanding and judicious. In the same movement, competition between companies with similar products and irrelevant experiences grew.

In this movement, companies began to emerge that cared about the client's journey as a whole and not only on the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat customers could bring in a single experience. This made the mindset about the relationship between company and customer change.

According to Marketing Metrics, it is 14x more expensive to attract customers than to keep current ones at the base. Therefore, the decision to change relationship strategies is not based solely on fostering a better relationship. The main goal is to improve results!

Customer Experience Trends

1 - The employee experience enhances the customer experience
A good customer experience starts with a good employee experience and all companies need to pay attention to this.

Brands focus on outside audiences, but often forget about people who commit to experience in the internal environment.

According to PwC, only 38% of consumers said the employees with whom they interact understand their needs. By increasing this margin, experiences can be enhanced.

2 - Training consolidating as one of the main pillars of a good experience
According to Forrester, companies that succeed in customer experience empower their employees with information and autonomy to act.

Therefore, before offering the tools so that a good service is performed, it is necessary that the operator is able to perform the service.

According to NeoAssist, 28.2% of companies, most of the sample, believe that well-trained and qualified attendants is the most important aspect for customer satisfaction.

3 - Increasing the connection between customer experience and business objectives
While it may seem obvious that companies focus on providing better experiences to improve results, not all of them can build a direct relationship between the two.

According to Qualtrics, only 14% of professionals see a direct relationship in business.

By connecting experience to business objectives, it is possible to increase sales, exposure to the public, loyalty and still understand consumer behavior.

4 - Customization becoming priority
Consumers are increasingly hoping that brands will
experiences tailored to their individual needs and desires, for example, they expect to be offered relevant promotions, products or services based on their data.

It is no wonder that 83% of consumers expect attendants to have the contact information, history of the latest conversations and what problems are happening, according to NeoAssist.

5 - The humanization of care increasing its influence
Humanization is fundamental to a good experience, without understanding the
motivations, customer behavior and how to meet your expectations, it is impossible to foster a Customer Experience strategy.

This is still a field little explored by companies according to the Temkin Experience Ratings 2018, only 8% obtained a "good" rating for emotional satisfaction of company and customer relations.

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